Tommy’s 10 Month ‘Pupdate’

Last year, we decided to sponsor a guide dog, named Tommy. The Guide Dogs charity has always held a special place in our hearts. So, sponsoring a Guide Dog seemed like the natural next step! A Labrador X Golden Retriever mix, Tommy has come on leaps and bounds. And, Guide Dogs have made sure to keep us updated by sending us regular ‘Pupdates’.

The final stage

Now that Tommy is 10 months old, he is reaching the final stage of his time with his Puppy Walker before he heads off to training school. Over the last few months, Tommy’s Puppy Walker, Sue, has been very busy. Making sure that Tommy is all ready for his next steps in his guide dog journey.

Compared to when he first started, Tommy has made huge improvements. He has a fantastic understanding of all of his basic commands and follows the basic guiding position when out on walks – in front of his handler, on the left with moderate tension on his lead.

Puppy love

Since the last pupdate, Tommy has been on all types of different transport to help build his confidence. He’s an ace at travelling by car and unlike some puppies, is completely unfazed by the gap between the train and the platform.

The only issue Sue has faced when using public transport is that everybody quickly falls in love with Tommy and wants to say ‘hello’!

Tommy when he was 8 months old

Tommy when he was 8 months old.

A rising star

Throughout the last 10 months, Tommy’s recall has always been excellent and he’s kept up this high standard. Sue has even said that he’s got the best recall skills out of all of the guide dog puppies she’s had.

Although an exact date hasn’t been set for Tommy’s big move to training school, it’s been an absolute pleasure to follow him on his journey. We can’t wait until we can celebrate his first birthday soon!

Guide Dogs help so many people every day. Providing mobility, freedom, and independence to those who are blind and partially sighted. If you’d like to sponsor a guide dog, then head to the Sponsor a Puppy page.

Tommy our Guide Dog when he was a tiny puppy

Tommy, when we first started sponsoring him.

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